Stained glass

Side panel project

[Design]\ First the pattern is designed. I use AutoCAD to draw the 'praecisus' outline of the glass panes.

[Glass sheets]\ Second the glass is carefully selected on colour, type, and design.

[Cut glass]\ Third all the glass panes are cut and checked if everything fits well.

[First fitted glass]\ Fourth the first glass is fitted into lead and some steal enforced came.

[Kiln fired glass]\ Fifth the glass to be enameled is oxide painted and kiln fired at 600°C.

[Leaded side panel]\ Sixth the rest of the glass panes are fitted into lead came.

[Soldered window]\ Seventh the lead came is soldered together at both sides.

[Sealing paste sticking out after closing the lead came]\ Eight the window is sealed and the lead came is closed.

Not yet available Last the windows are placed into the door.

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